Condor University offers a variety of certification courses that set high-school graduates and older adults on the path to success. There are several fields available which include technology and humanities certification courses. Find the career path best suited for you and inquire at for more information or to apply.

This course is designed to help students with partnership accounting, calculation and recording of depreciation under different methods including MACR., analysis of financial statements applying ratios, accounting procedure relating to notes receivable, notes payable, calculation and journalizing the property tax and setting up of the corporation. On completion of this course, the student would be able to apply the skills in any partnership concern. The student would be able to work out the depreciation and property tax.

This course is designed to help students learn skills that will enable nursing assistants to provide quality care for residents in nursing homes, as well as supplemental information and skills that will enable graduates to provide quality healthcare for clients at home and patients in hospitals. Topics covered in this course include: roles and responsibilities of nursing assistant, vital signs, activities of daily living, communication in healthcare, and infection control.

Do you enjoy fostering the success of younger generations? If so, a career in Early Childhood may be for you. In this course, you will learn the skills necessary to lead younger generations on a path towards future success. In this course, you will learn the strategies and methods necessary to become a successful Early Childhood instructor.

This course is designed to help students develop their skills with launching a small business. Students will be able to understand where to locate a business, how to choose a business structure, what are the conditions behind choosing a name for the business, and how to register a business. In addition, students will also know to obtain federal and state tax ID numbers, apply for licenses and permits, open a business account, and get business insurance.

Family and Consumer Sciences is a field that covers a broad range of topics. In this course, you will learn about everything from personal finance to parenting.

If you enjoy assisting people in times of emergency, a career as a first responder may be for you. Each day, many people face medical emergencies and rely on the help of trained professionals to get them through this difficult time. In this course, you will learn the skills necessary to manage life-threatening situations and prepare patients for transport and advanced treatment.

Are you interested in beginning a career in the healthcare industry? The Condor University Medical Terminology Certificate program will give you the basic skills necessary to understand medical jargon. You will learn the names of diseases, treatments, body systems, measurements, and symbols and abbreviations associated with any medical profession.

Are you a natural born leader? When you are around friends, does everyone look to you for advice on solving problems? If so, a career as a Project Manager may be for you. Condor University offers a Project Management Certificate program that will guide you through project-management strategies and leadership skills necessary to succeed in your new career.

This course deals with the basic principles of accounting in proprietorship business. This course deals with the method of recording business transactions based on vouchers, receipts, checks, and other documents. The course also deals with journalizing and ledger posting of business transactions, preparation of trial balance, income statements and the balance sheet. It would enable the student to learn the preparation of 10 column worksheet. On completion of the course, the student would be able to demonstrate an understanding of accounting principles and apply the skills practically in a business organization.

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